Best Escape Rooms In Los Angeles

Check Out The Best Rooms In Orange County

As of November 2018 we have done about 100 escape rooms so we are now ready to compile our list of  the best escape rooms in Orange County. This list can include escape room companies, as well as single rooms. There are some escape rooms in Los Angeles that we still have not been to, primarily because they do not offer private rooms. We will eventually get to them one day and if they make the list, I will update it accordingly. Another caveat, this list is for rooms primarily in the city of Los Angeles. This does not include all of the escape rooms in the San Fernando Valley.


Quest Room

Bloody Elbow

Quest Room takes the escape room concept more literal than anyone else. You will use real life logic instead of puzzles to escape the room. How are you going to get out of a prison cell when there are no puzzles inside of the room? Bloody Elbow, Cannibal’s Den, and The Red Giant are all designed superbly. They take design serious, and you can tell just from your first step into each of their rooms.



60out Escape Rooms DaVinci's Secret

60out is huge and all of their rooms are great. We could probably make a list of the best 60out rooms in itself. When you do a 60out room you are going to get high quality and a lot of fun. My first 60out experience was Ghost Ship and I was hooked. The production is on another level. From the design to the lighting and the sound effects, everything is meticulously crafted. A few of my favorite 60out rooms are Dracula, Hyde and Seek, and Jumanji.

They seem to come out with a new room every few months and it is like they are just always improving upon themselves. One of their latest rooms, Hyde and Seek, fills you with wonder as soon as you walk into the room. You really feel like you are in a circus. That is what you can expect from 60out, they set the bar for high quality escape rooms.


Lab Rat

lab rat

Lab Rat at Hatch Escapes is a colossal achievement. The room itself is enormous and it is amazing how they were able to tie everything together to make a cohesive story and incredible escape experience. Looking back at it, I have no idea how we were able to escape in the amount of time that we did. The story is simple, rats are now the ones that do the experiments on humans. You walk around this room and you are part of these crazy experiments. I cannot wait for what this company has in store for the future.


Evil Genius Escape Rooms

Occam's Apartment

This trilogy of rooms at Evil Genius Escape Rooms is the best continuation of a story at any escape room. With each room you can see the progression the creator has taken creatively. The first chapter is in an apartment and you feel like you are in an apartment. The second chapter is an art gallery and it really feels like an art gallery. The third chapter is the morgue, and Jesus Christ the third chapter is something entirely different. You feel connected to the story and the third chapter really takes everything on another level that no one has done before. I hope escape room companies can innovate as much as Evil Genius can.


Stash House

Stash House

A Los Angeles crime story, Stash House is a work of art. The reason it is number one is because thematically, no one else has done it before and it feels like a breath of fresh air. You are not running away from a serial killer, or a zombie, or trying to figure out Leonardo DaVinci’s ancient puzzles. You are part of a drug deal that has gone wrong and as you figure your way out of it, the story gets deeper and deeper. I did this room twice and was impressed both times.

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