Solve the case, or go to jail!

Location: Orange, CA

Difficulty: Medium

Website: Bemused Escape Rooms

Your business partner, Mr. Pigeon (lol), has been murdered and you are the prime suspect. Consequently, you have hired a Private Investigator to help clear your name but it seems like you have to take matters into your own hands or your hands will be in handcuffs.

Bemused Private Investigator

Production Value
The Bemused Private Investigator is located in Orange, CA and shares the same location as Code Red Escape Rooms. The location is easy to find with plenty of parking. There is a nice waiting room with a clean bathroom, these things matter.

First of all, the introduction video you watch is quite exceptional. I do appreciate a well produced video instead of a game master trying to tell you the story. The video does a great job of setting the tone of the room. They really have the noir aesthetic down, it echoes sentiments of classic films such as, The Maltese Falcon and Double Indemnity.

Once you walk into the Bemused Private Investigator, it very well looks like the office of a private investigator. While other private investigator rooms look like a regular office, Bemused made the effort to make it look like something out of the movies. Their video production shows attention to detail that not many other rooms provide.

Immersion Factor
As I previously mentioned, the introduction video is beautiful. It immerses you into the story and gets you ready to play. The story line is your typical escape room private investigator story with a big change in tone about half way through. The tonal shift keeps you interested and changes your expectations of the story, leaving you to guess what happens next.

The puzzles at Bemused Private Investigator are your traditional lock and key rooms. Less focus on tech and more on solving the puzzles with combinations and keys. The puzzles are challenging and fit within the scope of the room.

Customer Service
The Customer Service here is great. Our game master was friendly and welcoming. Nothing bad to say here.

The Bemused Private Investigator puts their own twist on a classic escape room theme and I think they did it quite successfully. Most noteworthy, is their video production, which looked professionally done. This escape room is a great addition to the Orange County area.

Result: Win

Hints: 0

Final Score: 8/10

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