Your impending doom comes from above!

Location: Sylmar, CA

Venue: The Basement LA

Difficulty: Medium

Website: The Basement LA

Chapter 2: That wild and crazy guy Edward Tandy is back at it again. He has constructed a sinister elevator shaft and you are trapped at the bottom of it. Lucky for you, the engineer who built the elevator shaft left you some clues to help you escape death. Follow his clues successfully or get crushed by the elevator above you.

Elevator Shaft

Production Value
I did not know what to expect when I went into this escape room. When you think elevator shaft, you think elevators and buttons and elevator music. I was rather surprised when what I saw contrasted what I was expecting. First of all, you really are in an elevator shaft, at the bottom of an elevator shaft, with what looks like a real elevator above you.

Also, the elevator moves. It goes up, it goes down, and it can very well crush you. When I first saw this massive thing go up and down, I first thought that must have been an expensive prop to construct just for show. I was wrong, very wrong. The elevator slowly moving down on you adds to the intensity like nothing I have experienced before.

The escape room is called The Elevator Shaft, so keep that in mind, it is tight. They say 6 people is the max, I think 4 is the perfect number. The claustrophobic nature of the room adds to the overall realism of your experience. The sounds, lights, and smells just wrap everything up nicely. This is by far the most impressive escape room when it comes to production value. Nothing comes close.

Immersion Factor
What else can be said about is? A 6 ton elevator is just inches above your head and is slowly moving down towards you. Furthermore, there is smoke and water filling up the room, only making you uncomfortable and anxious. You are immersed in this room, even if you do not want to be.

The Basement

This escape room doesn’t even feel like it has any puzzles, it feels like you are literally trying to escape a real elevator shaft. There are power panels, gas valves and secret passages. These are all things that could really be inside of an elevator shaft. In fact, if I am ever trapped inside of a real elevator shaft, I am 100 percent sure that I would be able to get out.

Customer Service
If you didn’t see my review of Chapter 1: The Basement, just know that the customer service here is amazing. We chatted with Abigail for a few minutes before Kyle took us to start the room. She provided some great tips about other escape rooms in the area and was really great to talk to.

The Elevator Shaft is an absolute marvel. An incredible feat in engineering and creativity. I cannot imagine what it took to create something so monstrous and compact at the same time. I am still blown away from experiencing this escape room and I urge you to try this for yourself.

Result: Win

Hints: 0

Final Score: 10/10

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