The beginning of your demise!

Location: Sylmar, CA

Venue: The Basement LA

Difficulty: Medium

Website: The Basement LA

Chapter 1: The cannibal, serial Killer, and horrific weirdo, Edward Tandy has kidnapped you and your friends. He has put you in his mother’s basement and has created a cruel game for you to prove yourself worthy to live. If you are unworthy, he will probably eat you. No pressure.

The Basement

Production Value
The Basement LA can be easily found in Sylmar on a busy street next to an adult toy store. Parking is readily available in their private lot and also on the street. Once you enter the building you will see televisions on the wall with previews of each of their escape rooms. The whole place is a bit dark and mysterious.

The Basement is an industry staple and has always been the go-to escape room, and I am glad we finally made it. Their production value is the gold standard. Chapter 1 is The Basement, and this room looks like a basement. Not a regular basement though, a creepy, musty basement. You walk into a pitch black room and all of a sudden you hear the serial killer’s menacing voice give you your first instructions.

The basement

The sound effects are extremely realistic and set the eerie tone. At times it scares the hell out of you. The bed is dirty and there are creepy pictures drawn on the wall. The darkness of the room is very unsettling, furthermore the openness of some areas makes you want to stick with a large group.

Immersion Factor
You start The Basement off with a cloth over your head and because of that you have no idea what you are getting into. It is dark everywhere and you only have a single flashlight to get you through the room. You can hear screaming in the distance and as a result you are on edge throughout the whole experience. There is an actor in the room (awesome job Angela!) that does a great job of keeping in character and filling you with anxiety.

The story is simple. Escape the basement or you will be killed by poisonous gas. Simple premise that can be easily forgotten in most escape rooms, not the case for this room. You are bombarded by sounds of footsteps coming from above to remind you of the serial killer that awaits your failure. Can’t forget the alarms that go off every 15 minutes reminding you of the deadly gas that is ready to be released.

The Basement

The puzzles compliment the theme of the room very well. This room has been around for awhile so there are some puzzles that you have seen before and others that you may have not. There is a lot of scavenging you have to do so be mindful of your surroundings and look everywhere possible. One more thing, there are no hints. However, if you are truly in a bind, the actor might drop a hint, or push you in the right direction.

Customer Service
The Basement provides excellent customer service. Our game master Kyle had so much enthusiasm, it was contagious. It is nice to see the game masters and employees look like they love what they do. It wasn’t just Kyle who showed positive vibes, all the other employees looked like they were in a great mood. A lot of happiness in this place.

There is a ton of hype built around The Basement, nevertheless The Basement not only lives up to the hype, it surpasses it. There are not many rooms that can scare you without cheap scares, and challenge you while creating an intense situation around you. The Basement is something that needs to be experienced by all.

Result: Win

Hints: 0

Final Score: 10/10

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