Return the Sword, Lift the Curse!

Location: Irvine CA

Venue: EscapeX Rooms

Difficulty: Medium

Website: Escape X Rooms

Ever since the sword of the legendary knight has disappeared, a curse has fallen on the local town. The only way to bring back balance to the town is to return the sword to its rightful resting place.

Production Value
Escape X Rooms is located in the infamous Sky Park Circle in Irvine, CA. Pretty easy to find with plenty of parking in their parking lot. There is a nice waiting room area, and multiple clean bathrooms, full of memes, for you to use.

Escape X Rooms is always known for its great production. Their previous rooms, The Attic, and Mafia Heist are one of the best escape rooms in terms of production value in Orange County. The Curse of the Black Knight shows their growth and takes production to a new level that not many escape rooms can match in Orange County.

The Curse of the Black Knight is a medieval themed Escape Room, the first in Orange County. The escape room is set in a castle, and I have no idea how they were able to put a real castle inside of this office building. Once you walk into the room, you are immediately teleported into the middle ages. The sound effects are superb, the lighting is cinematic, and the craftsmanship is masterful.

Immersion Factor
The Curse of the Black Knight brings the medieval times to life. Every single detail of the room makes you feel immersed in the game. The immersion begins at the intro. The game master does a great job of setting the tone of the room and creating a story that you care about. You embark on what feels like an epic quest to return the sword, and if you complete your quest, it feels like it was worth it all.

The puzzles are original and go with the theme perfectly. Some puzzles are tech based and others use combinations. Most of the puzzles are fairly linear and follow a logical path. One interesting thing about the room is that you can’t ask for any hints, although he says they will nudge you along the way if you get stuck. We didn’t need any hits but it is nerve racking to think that you won’t get any.

Customer Service
Customer service is great here. The game master got into character and really created a great atmosphere.

The Curse of the Black Knight is a spectacular escape room that takes you on an epic adventure through medieval times. The castle is filled with wonder and mystery, that will have you searching for the resting place of the sword. This is a huge accomplishment from Escape X Rooms and The Curse of the Black Knight is immediately vaulted into the top 5 escape rooms in Orange County.

Result: Win

Hints: 0

Final Score: 10/10

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