A real life hangover!

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Venue: Quest Room

Difficulty: Easy

Website: Quest Room

Your best friend is getting married so obviously it is time for a bachelor party. You wake up the next day with a terrible hangover and your best friend is missing! You do not remember anything from the night before and it is your job to find him before his wedding starts in 1 hour! They should really make this into a movie.

Production Value
Party Hard is located at the Koreatown Quest Room location. There is plenty of street parking and just in case you cannot find any, they have a private lot just for you. Clean bathrooms with actual towels to dry your hands and their lockers have phone chargers, but they are still missing USB-C cables.

Quest Room is known for its incredible production and Party Hard amps it up to another level. The escape room is meant to look like a room in a boutique Vegas hotel and it really does pull it off. It looks like a room in the Cosmopolitan. The story line is interactive so you can make it a bachelorette party, straight, or gay. Pretty cool. By choosing the type of party you want, you get to meet the different characters. Which are pre-recorded clips of the people in your wedding party. Quest Room spent a lot of time to create an incredible experience.

Immersion Factor
The Party Hard room gets you into the story really quickly. It is basically the plot of the Hangover movie but really well done. They have a lot of props that work well with the puzzles and the video clips that you watch throughout the game are hilarious and entertaining. This is an adults only room so you can expect some partial nudity and language.

Bloody Elbow

The puzzles fit the theme of the room perfectly. I have never seen an adult themed puzzle until now, and it is well worth the price of admission. The beginning puzzle is very cool at first, but can get frustrating. I appreciate the work they put into it. Overall the puzzles are a bit easy and we breezed through the room in about 40 minutes.

Customer Service
The game master was a nice guy. We talked about the different escape rooms and then suddenly he started talking in an English accent for no reason. I am assuming he was practicing for an upcoming audition.

Party Hard is an excellent escape room that oozes style but lacks substance in the puzzles. It is a beautiful room and fun to look at, however a bit easy to do.

Result: Win

Hints: 1

Final Score: 8/10

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