The crystal ball says….You’re dead!

Location: Orange, CA

Venue: Code Red Escape Rooms

Difficulty: Easy

Website: Code Red Escape Rooms

A dinner party takes a turn for the worst. You have been locked in the study of Lady Dyre, who has been known to delve into the dark arts. Guests have suddenly been disappearing after visiting her home. Will you be able to escape or will you be another victim of the Mystical Murderess?

Production Value
Code Red Escape Rooms is in a great location in Orange, CA. Easy to find and plenty of parking. The waiting room is large and they even were kind enough to offer coffee and water. There is a huge bathroom and a party room in the works.

The Mystical Murderess

First of all, the decoration in The Mystical Murderess is superb. Everything from the furniture, props, and color palette screams Victorian Era. Even more so is the use of mystical objects that adds more to the production. The lightness of the first room has such a huge contrast from the darkness in the second room and because of that you can really feel the shift in tone of the escape room. In fact, the room looks so much like a dark witch’s lair that it makes me wonder if the creator’s of this room are involved in dark magic.


Immersion Factor
The Mystical Murderess makes you feel like you are in the Victorian Era. Excellent set design leads to the great immersion. The creepiness of the room creates an eerie feeling within you. However, production can only take you so far. There are some elements in the room that take you out of the immersion very quickly.

The Mystical Murderess

The downside of the room is that most of it requires you to read. Not just a few sentences of reading, you must read multiple pages and you have to read it thoroughly to get the clues for the puzzles. As a result, you are no longer immersed in your surroundings, you are paying attention to the words. This can lead to frustration from the other members in your group because no one really wants to hear my voice most of the time.

Customer Service
We did this room when it first opened and you could tell that some of the workers were nervous but they are very nice. Most people in this industry are very warm and welcoming.

The Mystical Murderess achieves production rarely seen in most escape rooms. Although the puzzles require a lot of reading, the experience was memorable and I look forward to what Code Red Escape Rooms can bring in the future.

Result: Win

Hints: 2

Final Score: 8/10

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