The treasure hunt begins in the attic!

Location: Temecula, CA

Venue: Get A Clue Room Escape

Difficulty: Medium

Website: Get A Clue Room Escape

Your eccentric Uncle Thaddius has passed away and he has left you with an attic full of mystery. You must uncover the truth about your uncle and you might even find some of the treasure he has been collecting throughout the years.

Uncle Thaddius's Attic


Production Value
Uncle Thaddius’s Attic can be found easily in Temecula, CA. Plenty of parking and at the end of business complex. Nice waiting room and shared bathroom with the rest of the tenants. First of all I just want to say I was really surprised by this room. This is my first room in Temecula and I was not expecting much at all. I just assumed this was going to be your typical cheap looking escape room in a generic office building. I was very wrong.

Once you walk into the room it looks like a study.  Full of maps and books and chests. There are hidden compartments and a lot of surprises in this room that I did not expect one bit. Uncle Thaddius’s Attic is full of little clues and the attention detail is commendable. The second part of the room is a nice change of tone from the first one and really represents the secret nature of Uncle Thaddius and as a result, the mystery of everything adds so much to the experience.

Immersion Factor
Once I started exploring Uncle Thaddius’s Attic I was completely in. The secret compartments and hidden clues scattered around the room really gets you into the game.

The puzzles in Uncle Thaddius’s Attic are challenging and also satisfying. The clues are clear but it isn’t easy. All the puzzles intertwine with each other and push you through the room.

Customer Service
We met the owner of the escape room and he was nice. We talked about escape rooms and he was very friendly.

Uncle Thaddius’s Attic explores the mind of your eccentric uncle and takes you through a fun journey as you discover his dark secrets. If you are in Temecula you must check this out.

Result: Win

Hints: 1

Final Score: 9/10

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