Jason will see you now.

Location: Costa Mesa, CA

Venue: Legacy Escape Rooms

Difficulty: Medium

Website: Legacy Escape Rooms

Looks like you have won a trip to a cabin getaway but things go wrong and a man named Jason has kidnapped you and put you in Cabin 13. The number 13? Is it THAT Jason? Look out for hockey masks and machetes, Mr. Voorhees is here in Costa Mesa.

Cabin 13

Production Value
Cabin 13 can be found in the heart of Costa Mesa. Plenty of parking and easy to find on the second floor of business plaza. It cannot be missed. The waiting room is spacious and clean.

Most noteworthy at Cabin 13 is the production value. First of all, the room itself looks, feels, and sounds like a cabin. You are blindfolded as you walk in the room, so all you hear are the sound effects. Once the blindfold is removed you discover that you are in your own individual mini room, similar to Cross Roads Escape Games: The Hex Room.  Each individual room has it’s own theme and they are all well done. They are small so it gives you that feeling of being trapped.

Immersion Factor
The blindfold really adds to the immersion here at Cabin 13. Not many escape rooms separate you from everyone else but I appreciate that they did that here, it really adds to the experience. The storyline is similar to most serial killer escape rooms, you are taken by a serial killer and for some reason the serial killer is gone for an hour but he is going to kill you once he gets back, so you better escape. The difference here is that the serial killer is Jason. Which is pretty cool, but he isn’t utilized much at Cabin 13. The horror aspect could be turned up in this room but overall it is family friendly.

The puzzles at Cabin 13 are fun. Since you start off in your own room you do not get help from the rest of your group which can sometimes feel overwhelming but once you get over it you realize the puzzles in the individual room are a bit easier to figure out. There are some confusing puzzles that we needed help with. Since the room was new when we tried it out there were some things that we couldn’t figure out but as time goes on I am sure they will tighten things up.

Customer Service
Our game master was friendly and helpful. She responded quickly to messages I had sent her online.

Cabin 13 makes you feel trapped as it removes you from the comfort of your group and forces you to think for yourself to get yourself reunited with your group. The production value is superb and the puzzles are unique, as a result, this room is a must try!

Result: Win

Hints: 4

Final Score: 9/10

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