Aliens have invaded Ontario!

Location: Ontario, CA

Venue: Escape Plan Clue Rooms

Difficulty: Easy

Website: Escape Plan Clue Rooms

Your pet has wandered out of the house and you are having trouble finding him. After searching for several hours, you find an unidentified flying object in the woods. Your beloved pet is trapped in the alien ship and you must rescue him. So many questions are going through your head like, what do these aliens want with my pet? Why are there aliens in Ontario, CA? Maybe they enjoy the weather? No time to wonder, this is Alien Rescue!

Production Value
Alien Rescue is an easy to find escape room created by Escape Plan Clue Rooms. It is easy to find off the main street in Ontario, CA. Street parking is available in front of the escape room. The waiting room is huge and I enjoyed the jar of candy.

The room itself is simple. The room is decorated to look like the outside of a farm house. Once you walk in you are on the porch of your home and you are looking for your pet. The scenery is painted on the walls so you have to use your imagination to make it feel like you are outside. There are some fake plants to make it look like a corn field. Once you make your way to the alien spaceship the production is stepped up. A lot of shiny objects and tech to make it feel like a spaceship.

Immersion Factor
Not much immersion in the beginning of Alien Rescue until you get past the playful nature of the room. It is more of a family friendly room but once you get into the space craft you feel more immersed, consequently I enjoyed the second half of the room a lot more.

There are a lot of puzzles in Alien Rescue.  There are also objects that you have to search for that are hidden throughout the room. The puzzles range from simple to medium in difficulty. The puzzles are low tech and are your traditional lock and key type puzzles. I enjoyed them though.

Customer Service
We met one of the owners of the escape room and he was wonderful. As a result of the great customer service, we enjoyed the escape room a lot more.

Alien Rescue is a fun adventure to find your lost pet. Furthermore, it is  fun for the whole family. Bring everyone along to set your pet free!

Result: Win

Hints: 1

Final Score: 8/10

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