A small murder story.

Location: Fountain Valley, CA

Venue: Prism Escape Rooms

Difficulty: Easy

Website: Prism Escape Rooms

There has been a murder at The Mystery Manor and the police need your help to solve the case. Find the clues and study the suspects to find the murderer.

Production Value
The Mystery Manor is tucked away in the heart of Fountain Valley. Easy to find with plenty of parking. The waiting room is clean and the bathrooms are well kept. A clean bathroom is very important to me.

The room itself is decorated less like a manor, and more like a room inside a manor. It feels like a rich person’s study with plenty of books and a big desk. The lighting suits the room well and the music they play is ¬†delightful.

Immersion Factor
Not much immersion here since it is a small room. The storyline is similar to most murder mystery escape rooms. It is a great room for beginners.

The puzzles at the Mystery Manor are challenging and there is one puzzle that I have never seen before that I thought was really clever. There are a good amount of puzzles and they are pretty linear so there are times when everyone is working on the same puzzle at once.

Customer Service
Our game master was friendly and helpful.

The Mystery Manor is a great room for first timers and beginners. I will be back to try their other rooms.

Result: Win

Hints: 1

Final Score: 8/10

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