This is not your normal job, the Night Shift begins now!

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Venue: Horror Escapes LA

Difficulty: Easy

Website: Horror Escapes LA

Night Shift


The temp agency has sent you and five other people to your first job. It is the Night Shift and your shift supervisor is not in a good mood. The last batch of temps mysteriously disappeared and so have a few packages. Why do you keep hearing screaming in the walls? And who is this Mary you keep hearing about?

Production Value

Let’s start off with stating the obvious, parking is terrible, you would be lucky to find street parking with all the construction happening so you are better off saving time and spending the $10 in a private lot close by. They do not have a bathroom in the waiting room, you will have to wait until you make your way through the “kitchen” to use the bathroom, which is pretty cool.

The production is on point here at the Night Shift. The warehouse you start off in is dirty, dusty, dark, and smelly as a result you are going to feel like you are really on the job. As you make your way through the 6,000 sq ft building, each room feels like it gets creepier and stranger . Every room isĀ  different and serves a purpose to the story. The sound effects are chilling and the horror elements will make you jump. You will slowly look around each corner anticipating a scare. Most of all, the actors do an amazing job, especially your shift supervisor. He does such a great job that you will immediately hate him, so try to do what hey says.

Night Shift

Immersion Factor

They state it on the website and in the waiver, YOU WILL BE TOUCHED. The actors will grab you, and not lightly either. It is surprising and it puts you in a certain mood. It will get you immersed in the game and if you do not feel like getting immersed, you will be forced into it, believe me. Night Shift is by far the most immersive escape room I have experienced. You will be told to do things and the only way to get out of this escape room is to do as they say. You might not like it either, but they do not really care.


The puzzles are fairly simple but most of them require you to talk to the “other” person in the room with you. Each room has a few puzzles and you will have to really look at your surroundings to figure them out. You are’t here for the puzzles anyway, the Night Shift is all about the experience.

Customer Service

As is the case with most escape rooms, our host was friendly.

Horror Escapes LA – Night Shift

This is not for the faint of heart. This is not for those easily offended. You will be surprised and you might even get a little angry. The language is foul and the insults they hurl your way are hilarious. If you are a little sick in the head and enjoy paying someone to tell you what to do, this room is for you. If you enjoy horror themed escape rooms, this room is also for you.

Result: Win

Hints: 0

Final Score: 10/10

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