Whimsical fun when you go Down The Rabbit Hole!

Location: Upland, CA

Venue: Trapped Escape Room

Difficulty: Medium

Website: Trapped Escape Room

Down The Rabbit Hole

While walking your dog you both fall into a large hole. You end up in a strange mysterious place in front of a peculiar home. The adventure begins now.

Production Value

It feels like a breath of fresh air doing a non creepy escape room. Down the rabbit hole is the epitome of whimsical, and happy. Straight out of the pages of Alice and Wonderland, so there are animals and high pitched voices and you feel like you are in Disneyland. The production is so well done. It is surprising to see such great production outside of Los Angeles.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Immersion Factor

The story line is so simplistic but it works. You lost your dog and you are looking for him in this different world. Once I walked into this tiny little home I was in awe and immediately trying to find my imaginary dog. Their hinting system keeps you in the game and the game is so methodically paced you are able to enjoy the puzzles and the surroundings.


The puzzles at Down the Rabbit Hole work so well within the theme of the room. The puzzles make sense and logically make sense and progress the story as well. There were a few puzzles that we weren’t sure if we had completed because nothing noticeable happened but we figured it out.

Customer Service

The people here are friendly and our game master did a really good job. We were asking about the record time for the room and a guy from the back said we shouldn’t be asking about the record because we probably wouldn’t get out. Oh we proved him very wrong.

Trapped! Escape Room – Down The Rabbit Hole

This is one of Upland’s hidden treasure. Some would even say it is Upland’s only treasure. I was very surprised by this room and I definitely recommend it to all enthusiasts and beginners. Can’t wait to try their other rooms.

Result: Win

Hints: 2

Final Score: 9/10

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