The terror is turned up at Awakened!

Location: Pomona, CA

Venue: Chronos Escape Room

Difficulty: Medium

Website: Chronos Escape Room



Your old friend invites you to a reunion party at an abandoned high school. Why would you want to go to a party at an abandoned high school? You decide to go anyway and surprise surprise, you have been drugged. Its probably your creepy friend who did it. Go through the school to figure out what is happening.

Production Value

The production value here is impressive. They really know how to do creepy here. The escape room is huge and each section in this room is different. You really get the abandoned feeling here at Awakened. The music they play throughout the room makes you feel uneasy and it made me not want to be by myself. There are a lot of body parts laying around so you should know what you are getting yourself into.

Immersion Factor

The story starts off strong and the way you begin the game is the perfect way to turn up the creep factor. The production is so strong and so creepy that you just want to get out of there. The technology in the room keeps you in the game and overall you really feel like you are in an abandoned school. The story feels a little disjointed as the game progresses and eventually felt like there was no story at all, just a bunch of scary sets.


Some puzzles are really fun and some are very frustrating. The ones that were frustrating didn’t fit the theme of the room to well. There is math here. Yuck. They give you paper so you can do the long addition but anytime you have to sit down and solve a math problem it lessens the experience for me. Other than the math and riddles, the other puzzles are memorable.

Customer Service

As is the case with most escape rooms, the people here are friendly. I contacted them before to ask a few questions and they gave prompt answers. Our game master was nice and he gave good hints.

Chronos Escape Rooms – Awakened

Located in an empty strip mall in Pomona, Awakened will surprise you. Once you start the room, the scares go up another level. Although some of the puzzles were frustrating, I can say I had a good time. Can’t wait to see what games they come up with in the future.

Result: Win

Hints: 4

Final Score: 8/10

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