The Evil Genius Experience begins in Occam’s Apartment!

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Venue: Evil Genius Escape Rooms

Difficulty: Medium

Website: Evil Genius Escape Rooms

Bill Occam is your friend, or at least he was your friend. You have just discovered that he has died from an apparent suicide. That doesn’t sound like something Bill would ever do but now you find yourself at his apartment to clean out all his things. The whole thing just doesn’t make sense, and now you are in the middle of everything.

Occam's Apartment


Production Value

Evil Genius Escape Rooms is easy to find on the corner of Arlington and Washington. Street parking is plentiful. The waiting room is spacious and the building’s interior looks modern. The walk to Occam’s Apartment is surprisingly entertaining and once you walk in it looks and feels like someone’s home. It is a nice apartment too, I would live there if I could. Everything is placedĀ  in it’s spot for a reason and the secrets of the room reveal itself as you progress through the game.

Immersion Factor

The apartment manager starts things off and brings you into the story. The story is everything in this room and it is the driving factor of the immersion. The little things really make a difference, from the hinting system, to the different characters you come across. You are pulled into this mystery and if you are able to escape Occam’s Apartment, you are left wanting more.


The puzzles are traditional, meaning you might have seen them before if you have done many escape rooms, but at the same time it felt refreshing to see the good old lock and key and 4 digit combo locks. The tech is not so heavy in this room but the puzzles will keep you busy. Every lock felt satisfying to solve and I really enjoyed all of the puzzles.

Customer Service

Our game master was a rock star. He did it all. He is friendly, funny, accommodating, and overall did a great job in getting us into the mystery of Occam’s Apartment.


Evil Genius – Occam’s Apartment

I was excited to do this escape room from all of the rave reviews and it did not let me down at all. What this room does that other rooms forget about or fail to succeed in is an entertaining story. Even though it feels like you may have heard this story before, the mystery is something that you want to unravel. Thankfully the story keeps going in Chapter 2.

Result: Win

Hints: 2

Final Score: 9/10

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