Escape the Bloody Elbow in this 14th century thriller!

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Venue: Quest Room

Difficulty: Medium

Website: Quest Room

It is the 14th century and you have been accused of witchcraft. The infamous executioner the “Bloody Elbow” has imprisoned you in his dungeon. Once you take a look around this dungeon you can see all of the torture devices he uses on his victims. You have to escape quickly or suffer from a slow and agonizing death.

Production Value

The venue is easy to find and there is street parking and a private lot available. Once you book the room you are able to sign the waiver from your phone. They also text you an image of their parking map. I really appreciate that. The waiting room is modern and with booths for you to sit in and play games. Bloody Elbow is gorgeous. As soon as you see your surroundings  you are transported back to the 14th century. The design is movie quality and the sound effects only add to the experience.  There are so many visual and sound effects. I was in awe.

Immersion Factor

As soon as the game starts you are immediately immersed into the room. No spoilers, but they really get you in the mood to start the game. There are also some small costumes that you can wear while you are escaping. The hinting system keeps you in the game and the Bloody Elbow himself sounds menacing.

Bloody Elbow


The puzzles are different and are not your traditional lock and key type puzzles. They force you to think differently and outside of the box. Other reviews describe the puzzles as simplistic which I disagree with. We had a lot of trouble solving these puzzles without help because they were something that we were not used to.

Customer Service

Our game master did a great job. He was warm and full of energy. Our game went smoothly and he dropped us some hints whenever he felt like we needed it.

Bloody Elbow

This is a room different than the rest of them out there. The production value is on the upper echelon. Furthermore the customer service only makes you want to come back and do the other rooms that will be coming out. I recommend this room to everyone.

Result: Win

Hints: 4

Final Score: 9/10

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