Uncover the secret gift from DaVinci’s past!

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Difficulty: Medium

Website: 60out

60out Escape Rooms DaVinci's Secret


After DaVinci’s passing, he left his favorite pupil a gift that no one would ever believe. It is a complex room filled with puzzles that uncover the gift. You have 75 minutes to solve each puzzle and uncover the secrets of Leonardo DaVinci’s past.

Production Value

As with all 60out Escape Rooms, the production value here is the gold standard (see my review on Ghost Ship). This was my first time at this location. Their waiting room is spacious and filled with a bunch of puzzles to play with. The escape room itself is large and filled with the works of Leonardo DaVinci. Most noteworthy, you can feel the Renaissance  Era within the room and the little inventions everywhere that are used to solve the puzzles are brilliant.

Immersion Factor

I definitely feel immersed in 60out Escape Rooms DaVinci’s secret. The production is great and as a result you get into the game. You walk in and you want to know what the secret is. At first I thought the story was bland but by the end of it my mind was blown and I even had to research it just to fact check.

60out Escape Rooms DaVinci's Secret


These puzzles are one of a kind and unique and there are just so many of them to do, consequently you have to work quickly. This isn’t your lock and key/combination type of escape room. These puzzles are well thought out and the theme of the room is heavily incorporated in each puzzle. Several aspects of the room tie together to solve one puzzle and the sound effects make everything work so well. There are some puzzles here that I have never seen before and because of that we took so much time trying to solve them but I enjoyed it a lot.

Customer Service

Sheryl was our game master and she was great. Some of our group members were running a little bit late but she was really professional about it and told us they could join us as soon as they arrived. She is very enthusiastic and she explained the room very well. In addition to the great customer service, they take your picture with a nice camera and email it to you right away.

60out Escape Rooms DaVinci's Secret

60out Escape Rooms DaVinci’s Secret

This is a beautiful room but it is really hard. Since the puzzles are so different, it took us some time to understand what to do. We spent a lot of times on puzzles we thought we could solve faster. I don’t even think 75 minutes is enough time to get through this but there are plenty of others who have finished this room within that time frame. We had a group of 6 and when time ran out we were told we still had a few more puzzles to complete. Even though I am salty about the loss, I still highly recommend this room to the seasoned escape room goer.

Result: Loss

Hints: 1

Final Score: 9/10

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