A fun trip through colonial times!

Location: Anaheim, CA

Difficulty: Medium

Website: Escape Room Era


Escape Room Era Ben Franklin's Invention Room

Escape Room Era Ben Franklin’s Invention Room takes you back to the creation of the United States. The year is 1776 and the founding father’s have declared independence from the British. As a member of the secret free mason society, your job is to stop the British from getting their hands on Ben Franklin’s secret weapon that can win the war for whoever can control it. Do you have what it takes to find Ben Franklin’s weapon and use it against the British to win?

Production Value

As soon as you walk into Escape Room Era Ben Franklin’s Invention Room you feel like you are in the 1700s, kind of. Just try to ignore the Ikea furnishings  and fake candles. The escape room is entitled Ben Franklin’s Invention Room but it didn’t feel like an invention room. It felt like a bedroom with locked doors. The cloud room is adorable though.


Escape Room Era Logo

Immersion Factor

The game master and the room designers do go out of their way to immerse you into the game. The waiting room has a guest book you have to sign but you have to sign it with a pen that you dip in an ink well. I felt like I was signing The Declaration Of Independence.  They give you colonial hats and Ben Franklin glasses to wear also. Our game master comes into the waiting room to tell us about the rules and the back story. After all of that he comes back into the room in full colonial costume claiming that he is Ben Franklin’s assistant and he is there to help us find the weapon. It was hilarious.


A lot of puzzles in this one. The puzzles are a little bit all over the place, you may not know which puzzle goes to which lock. There is a sign with a big X on it that they said we shouldn’t touch but one of their puzzles require you to look at a different kind of x, it is a little bit confusing. There are some riddles in this one which I am not a fan of. Especially when the answer to one of the riddles has not been invented yet. There are a few puzzles that I was really impressed with though. I would have never guessed how to solve them but my mind was blown when it fully came together.

Customer Service


Customer service was wonderful. Our game master was probably the worst actor in the world but he was enthusiastic and he tried really hard to play his part. You cannot ask for anything more than that.

Escape Room Era Ben Franklin's Invention Room
Escape Room Era Ben Franklin’s Invention Room

I really enjoyed myself here even though some of the puzzles were frustrating. It is worth checking out if you haven’t been there yet.

Result: Win

Hints: 3

Final Score: 8/10

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