Scary from start to finish!

Location: Anaheim, CA

Difficulty: Medium

Website: Mission Escape Games

Try to Escape The Darkest Hour

Your captor has put you in his chamber. It would be in your best interest to follow his instructions. More importantly, you should try to escape his chamber with your life.

Production Value

When you sign in at the front desk you are taken into a room to watch their house video that goes over the rules. The game master then takes you into the room and goes over the story. I think they could do without the small story before the room because the story sounds like every other escape room about a serial killer. You somehow wake up and you are being held captive. For some reason the serial killer has left the room and he will be back in an hour.  They should do away with the story and just go straight into the room without any explanation at all. It is pitch black and another video starts playing. This is a better introduction to the escape room and really gets you in the mood.

The design of this room is so good. Like really good. It looks like a creepy house. It was dark, and there were plenty of sound effects that leave you on edge.

Immersion Factor

The production value is so good in the chamber that you have no other option than to be immersed in the game. I enjoyed their hinting system and how your captor interacts with you.

The Puzzles

The puzzles were not very difficult. It is the creepy factor that keeps you from focusing on the puzzle at hand. Most of the puzzles are linear and some of them require you to look at all aspects of the room. One minor complaint is that when you complete a puzzle, you might not even know that it was completed. Good thing our game master was doing her job well and told us what the completed puzzle did.

Customer Service

Mission Escape Games always has great customer service and today was no different. Our game master explained the game well and was helping us when we needed it. She even added her own little extra feature to the game which was awesome and made the game even more fun.

Overall, I love this room. Definitely one of the top rooms in Orange County. If you enjoy horror themed escape rooms, you have to try this!


Result: WIN

Hints: 1

Final Score: 9.5/10

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