Location: Irvine, CA

Difficulty: Medium

Website: Unlocked OC


A Magical Escape!

The Return Of The Magician! A magic themed room that was a lot of fun.

Production value is really good. It really felt like I was backstage for a magicians show. There are great sound effects in the room and a lot of cool magic tricks are done throughout the room.

I felt immersed in this game. I liked the story of helping a magician with his show. If you enjoy the Magic Castle you would enjoy this. You have to perform magic tricks to progress through the room and is a lot of fun. From the very beginning you get into it really quickly.

The puzzles are so much fun. Except one. I was stuck on it for like 20 minutes. Other than that, the rest of the puzzles are unique and stay true to the theme. There are a lot of magic props in there that I found interesting. You get to learn how magicians do their illusions. There was good flow to all of the puzzles. You knew the objective of everything and all of the puzzles led to one goal.

Customer service is wonderful. The two gentleman running the game were really friendly. Once they found out we do a lot of escape rooms, they made their recommendations and talked to us about all of the different rooms in socal. They were very enthusiastic and that really translated well into the room.

Overall I give this room an 8/10. We escaped with 8 minutes left.

Result: Escaped

Time Left: 2 Minutes

Hints: 1

Final Score: 8/10

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