Fox In A Box: Central Bank

A fun bank heist! Location: Fullerton, CA Difficulty: Medium Website: Fox In A Box As far as production value goes, it worked. I didn’t  feel like I was in a real bank but it worked well enough. They gave us some cool things to make us feel like we were robbing a bank which added […]
Desk in The Attic From EscapeX Rooms in Irvine CA

EscapeX Rooms: The Attic

 Creepy, but lacking. Location: Irivine, CA Difficulty: Medium Website: EscapeX Rooms Eerie and chilling. The production value is top notch. As you walk up the stairs into The Attic it is very eerie. A lot of antiques around the room that really add to the story of some old dude and some ghost children running […]