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Game of Swords

Game of Swords

Find the sacred stone, or the dead will rise!

Location: Lomita, CA

Difficulty: Medium

Website: Planet Escape Rooms

The Dark Lord Axius has plans to take over the realm and destroy the castle. If he discovers the sacred stone of power, the dead will rise to join his forces. A prophecy has stated that the a group of people will find the stone first and use it unite the four kingdoms and vanquish the Dark Lord. Are you ready to play The Game of Swords?

Game of Swords

Game of Swords Production Value
Planet Escape Room is located in Lomita, CA. There is a private parking lot in a small plaza with plenty of parking. The waiting room is spacious, there is a party room, and nice bathrooms. They also have plenty of beverages at your disposal.

Game of Swords most noteworthy feature is without a doubt their production value. Even more so is their craftsmanship of their props. They really have the medieval look down, and there is a certain throne that is awe inspiring. The voice acting is of great quality and the sound design pushes the room to another level.

Immersion Factor
Game of Swords certainly gets you in the medieval frame of mind. Once you enter, you are played a short video to explain the story. There is also a video played at the end once you escape. Certain props and font choices in the escape room make you think of a certain HBO show, but the story takes elements from a lot of different classic fantasy tales.

Game of Swords

The puzzles in Game of Swords are heavy on tech, and less on the lock and key. There is an actual puzzle that you have to put together, which was a little frustrating, and the classic “this guy sits next to that guy, but can’t sit next to that other guy with the purple hat.” The puzzles fit well within the theme and because of that you really get to take a close look at their amazing props.

Customer Service
The Customer Service here is great. Our game master was friendly and welcoming. We chatted a little bit about all of their other escape rooms and he made us excited to come back to try them out. Their hint system is a little bit silly. You all have to do the “Planet Escape DAB”, which is ridiculous for a grown adult to do.

Game of Swords takes elements of many different fantasy stories and creates an original escape room of their own. Their level of craftsmanship is a sight to behold. The room is filled with amazing props and decor that leaves a lasting impression.

Result: Win

Hints: 2

Final Score: 8/10

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